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IOS XRV working on VirtualBox

First of all, you may have been been struggling a lot to find the download link.  You can find the demo versions of IOS XRV here As a starting point, you may have checked the hypervisor recommandation from CCO and realized that VirtualBox is not supported. However, by following the instructions in this post, you will end up […]

25 Juin 2014

BGP link state, what is this ?

The latest version of « draft-ietf-idr-ls-distribution » has a meaningfull title : « North-Bound Distribution of Link-State and TE Information using BGP » So the goal is clearly to use BGP as a carrier for link state information, coming from the IGP. From the above draft : The contents of a Link State Database (LSDB) or a Traffic Engineering […]

19 Juin 2014

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