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Build a working « snake » setup for data plane testing on a Nexus switch

If you are interested in data-plane performance testing, you might have heard about the famous « snake config » that forces an IP flow to go across all ports in a linecard. It may be a useful thing, particularly when your testing setup is far from Miercom’s one … The idea is simple and straightforward: your network […]

16 Mai 2016

insights of a Nexus 9516

The main usage of this equipment is iPhone charger. Beyond this major achievement, you might be interested by some pictures of the insides of this animal. An overview from CCO : Chassis: First of all, the sheet metal chassis does not look pretty… This being said, we realize that the hardware design is very compact . I like […]

25 Sep 2015

BLT, the BGP Linkstate Topographer

BLT is a networking tool from Netfishers Now available on Github :

02 Mai 2015

How to start with OpenDayLight automation for WAN ??

Would you like to evaluate ODL in a WAN environment ? Test BGP-LS and collect your IGP topology ? Try to setup and teardown some LSPs if your network is MPLS TE enabled ? Query and configure your network devices without even using SNMP or CLI ? Then you came to the right place, hopefully… […]

02 Fév 2015

Have you ever dreamt of a Text editor embedded in IOS ?

Have you ever tried to debug an EEM script once installed on an IOS router ? Unless you are terribly smart or your script is very simple, you have to fix many things before the script runs smoothly and works as expected. Each time you need to change a byte in the EEM script, you […]

01 Jan 2015

IOS XRV working on VirtualBox

First of all, you may have been been struggling a lot to find the download link.  You can find the demo versions of IOS XRV here As a starting point, you may have checked the hypervisor recommandation from CCO and realized that VirtualBox is not supported. However, by following the instructions in this post, you will end up […]

25 Juin 2014

BGP link state, what is this ?

The latest version of « draft-ietf-idr-ls-distribution » has a meaningfull title : « North-Bound Distribution of Link-State and TE Information using BGP » So the goal is clearly to use BGP as a carrier for link state information, coming from the IGP. From the above draft : The contents of a Link State Database (LSDB) or a Traffic Engineering […]

19 Juin 2014

IPv6 multihoming in your HomeNet : you can make it work !!

One limitation to IPv6 widespreading is the way we still handle multihoming. Things have not fundamentally change since definition of PA/PI prefixes and the way we have been achieving multihoming in IPv4 world Many people have been looking for the best way to avoid what we usually do today.It is a strong challenge since IPv6 space is […]

02 Mai 2014

PIM SSM through Nexus VPC

Cisco does not support PIM SSM on Nexus switches when receivers are connected to a VPC domain, as documented here. The official solution is to enable Fabric path. However, this requires additional licensing and maybe some fundamental design changes. The good news is : even though Fabric path is not an option, it is possible to make PIM […]

21 Avr 2014

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